Speaker Title Authors
G. Alfano Random Matrix Products in Wireless Multiantenna Sytems G. Alfano, G. Taricco
G. Aprea Identification and classification of anemic erythrocytes by Holographic Learning P. Memmolo, G. Aprea, M. Mugnano,1 L. Miccio,  F. Merola,  P. Ferraro, A.M. Tulino 
D. Barone Imaging of Diatoms species by Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy P. Memmolo, D. Barone, V. Bianco, J. Behal, L. Miccio, M. Paturzo,  P. Ferraro, A. M. Tulino
A. Cervone Inter-leg Balancing of a AC/DC Modular Multilevel Converter A. Cervone, G. Brando, A. Del Pizzo, S. Meo
I. Esnaola Learning Requirements for Stealth Attacks  K. Sun, I. Esnaola,  A. M. Tulino, H. V. Poor
G . Scilla  Chirality transitions in frustrated ferromagnetic spin chains: a link with the gradient theory of phase transitions G. Scilla, V. Vallocchia
L. Lan Precise response control of transmit-receive two-dimensional beam-pattern in FDA-MIMO Radar  L. Lan, J. Xu, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, Y. Huang
M. Maffei On the Exploitability of the Ka Band for Spaceborn radar Debris Detection and Tracking Measurements M. Maffei, A. Aubry, A. De Maio, A. Farina
M. Arrieta Universal Privacy Guarantees for Smart Meters M. Arrieta, I. Esnaola, M. Effros
M. Quadrini A QUIC-based proxy architecture for an efficient hybrid backhaul transport C. Roseti, F. Zampognaro, M. Quadrini
C. Calabrese A deeper look at motor coordination in human groups Calabrese C., Bourgeaud S., De Lellis P., di Bernardo M., Bardy B. G
V. Pagliarulo
New applications of speckle interferometry as metrology tool for materials and structures
V. Pagliarulo, P. Ferraro
V. Pagliarulo
Novel technologies for direct fabrication of micro and nano structures
V. Pagliarulo, S. Grilli, R. Rega, M. Mugnano, E. Oleandro, S. Coppola, V. Vespini, P. Ferraro
A. Rivetti
Biologically Accurate Neural Modelling: Toward the Automatic Identification of Markov-type Kinetic Models Reproducing the Dynamics of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels
E. Andreozzi, P. Balbi, G. D’Addio, A. Rivetti, M. Cesarelli
T. Pastore
Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Makespan Minimization in Additive Manufacturing Machine Scheduling Problems
M. Alicastro, P. Festa, T. Pastore
E. Galaris
Modelling and Analysis of Functional Connectivity in EEG source level in Chlidren with Epilepsy
E. Galaris, S. Constantinos
A. Roviello
Morse-Sard theorem and Lusin property: applications and new results
 A. Ferone, M. Korobkov, A. Roviello
R. Cacciapuoti
Model Reduction and Filter Localization for Data Assimilation problem solving
R. Cacciapuoti, L. D’Amore
G. Ascione 
Fractional queues
G. Ascione, E. Pirozzi, N. Leonenko
G. Paoli
The Steklov Eigenvalue Problem: Some Weighted Isoperimetric Inequalities and their Quantitative Version
G. Paoli, L. Trani
A. Gentile
Regularity for minimizers of a class of non-autonomous functionals with sub-quadratic growth
A. Gentile, A. Passarelli
F. Centofanti
Functional Regression Control Chart for  Ship CO2 emission monitoring
F. Centofanti, A. Lepore, A. Menafoglio, B. Palumbo, S.Vantini
G. Piscitelli
Sharp estimates for the first p-Laplacian eigenvalue and for the torsional rigidity on convex sets with  holes
G. Piscitelli, G. Paoli, L. Trani


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